Friendship Games

For our two year old class we made a book titled ” Friend, Friend, What do you see? ” Each page contained a photocopied picture of each child with (I see ______ looking at me) at the top and (_____, ______, What do you see) at the bottom. In this way each child has only one page with their name on it and you can remove as children move out of your class and add for new friends. The last page is a picture of teachers with the words (I see my teachers looking at me). All of our two year olds can mock read the book and are delighted to see their picture in the book. Photocopied pictures of children also make an attractive wall border or frame with construction paper and put in the backs of cubbies.

Friendship Trees

Make a classroom tree by painting and planting a large branch (tree). Let each child decorate a leaf and write his/her name on it (or pictures for younger kids). Make individual trees by letting each child color a tree pattern and gluing on leaves with classmates names on them. This is a great Sept. project to help kids learn each other’s names!