Friendship Games

Each day when the children arrive put a sticker, shape, or whatever on shirt or blouse. At group time they must find the person with the matching item on their clothing. they will spend all day doing everything with that child. The next day they will do it all over with a different child.

Take a close-up photo of every child in your classroom. Use a paper cup to trace the photos into circle shapes. Mount the photos onto circle shaped construction paper. Arrange the photos in a circle shape on your BB. Inside of the circle, put the caption- “A Circle of Friends, Each Special and Unique.” Very Cute!

Make a “Friendship” book in which children write the names of class mates they have seen doing something nice for someone else, and draw a picture. Choose a couple of children each day to be in charge of the book and looking for nice deeds around the classroom.

Friendship Letters

Have parents provide addressed and stamped envelope to a friend and have the children dictate a letter to them.

We read the story Rainbow Fish which is very much much a story about friendship. I made flannel board fish to go along with the story which made it more real. At the end of the story I gave everyone their own scale.

The Veggie Tales has a video called “Are You My Neighbor?” In that video the lesson is even though people are all different, they can be friends. The theme song is “I Can Be Your Friend.”