Friendship Games

Friendship Memory:

Take a picture of each child. Make two copies and glue each on a card, writing the child’s name below the picture. Introduce the game at group time and later put out for play during center time. For my five’s class at the end of the year, we match written name card to a picture of that friend. The kids love the game and play it all year!

Here’s a friendly version of musical chairs where everyone wins! Play musical chairs as usual, but when the music stops, instead of taking away a chair and a child has to sit out, just take away a chair. By the end of the game, the whole class has to cooperate to fit everyone on one chair. My class loves this game!!!

Using a beanbag, toss it from hand to hand while singing this tune; I have a good friend a good friend a good friend, I have a good friend and their name is ________. Then toss the beanbag to that child. Have the child toss it back to you. Do this until every child has had their name called. You could then have the children who catch the beanbag sing the song and toss it to a friend.

This helps children form friendships early in the year-works well for transitions. Have the children in a circle and give each child a SOCK, on their turn a child has to go and look for their friend who has the matching sock.

On a fine day take four or five children and a stand in a circle that is not too large and using a football get them to throw it to their opposite number and say the receiving child’s name each time the ball is passed . This is good for language skills , hand and eye coordination and interpersonal skills.