Friendship Art

I draw a huge tree shape including branches. Then I let each child pick a color paint for their hand and which branch they want to put their hand print at the end of. At the top I write “The Friendship Tree”. On the trunk of the tree I write the year.

A fast and easy way to color pasta for art projects, math, sorting ect. is to pour pasta in a large Ziploc bag. Add an amount of rubbing alcohol to lightly cover pasta also add food coloring to the color desired. If darker color is desired add more if lighter only a drop. Close up bag and shake. After all pasta is colored spread out onto newspaper and within a small amount of time it is dry and ready to use. Very vibrant color can be made to string for pattern necklaces or to give on Friendship Day. Fast and Easy!

I traced a handprint of each child. I cut out one handprint of each of the classmates for each child for their art project. ( ex: I have 12 kids in my class, so each kid had 12 handprints, one of each classmate and their own. I wrote the children’s name on each handprint. I cut out the center of a paper plate and let the kids glue the handprints around like a wreath ( you can also let them add buttons, sequins, ribbon, etc if you want or leave it plain). I printed off the poem below and glued it like hanging from the bottom of the “wreath” It was colorful and the kids liked having each others handprints. We called it “A circle of friends”

Circle of friends poem:

Our lives are filled with simple joys

and blessings without end.

And one of the greatest joys in life

Is to have you as a friend.

To be used with the friendship wreath art activity.