Forest Science

For your forest or hibernation theme try this, our preschoolers loved it. I use placemats or use the sensory table. I made brown play-dough then had the children knead coffee grounds into the play-dough for a bumpy texture and a fun smell. With the play-dough we added kleenex boxes cut in half, yogurt containers, toilet paper rolls for logs, green stems, leaves, ferns and some forms of flowers if you wish that I purchase at Wal-Mart. We put in nuts, seeds, corn for winter food.We have the children help gather the animals that they think may hibernate or live in the forest!

Our preschoolers had so much fun making the forest and building homes for the animals!

It is so rewarding to watch and listen to these little minds. As one child figures out that they can add little people to take a walk through the forest, then one runs and finds a rubber snake and puts it in a hole in the clay! They had a blast!