Forest Art

Mural Forest To make a tree, press a child’s hand into green tempera paint. Keeping the fingers & thumb close together, press the hand on a roll piece of white butcher paper, making the tree, leaves and branches. Have the children print their hands as many times as they would like on the same paper to make a forest. Use a brown maker sideways, print the child’s names under their trees to make the trunks.

We cut out or print out the shape of a squirrel. Then have the children curl strips of brown construction paper to glue on the tail to make it bushy. They can color the body with crayons.

Forest collages. Collect pine cones, needles, various leaves and small rocks. Let the children paste them to a piece of tag board in the shape of a pine tree for a forest collage. These smell great if you use pine needles.

Pine Painting-Use large paper, either on an easel or tabletop. Cut a pine branch abut 8 inches long. Dip the branch into paint. Drag the branch across your paper coming in from different directions. For variation, use branches from different types of pine or evergreen trees. A very creative art form.

When talking about the forest we make mushroom prints and we do bark and fern rubbings…. Boston ferns work great).


Have children watercolor paint a Styrofoam egg. Have circle sticker paper reinforces for eyes. Let the children stick toothpicks around the colored egg to depict a scared hedgehog.