Flower Snacks

For our flower theme we serve our children broccoli tops and cauliflower tops with an organic ranch dressing and explain to the kids that they are eating flowers. They love it!

One day for a lesson on flowers, i used different colors of Jell-O cut out in the shapes of flowers to make a beautiful array of colorful flowers for the kids to enjoy!!

Store-bought flower shaped butter cookies. Tint vanilla frosting in pastel shades. Children frost the flower cookies. These look pretty and the children think they taste good.

I make sunflower biscuits by dividing Grands biscuits into 2 layers, then clipping round each round part way in to make the petals. The children press shelled sunflower seeds into the center of the flower. Brush with beaten egg yoke to give a sunny hue, older kids can paint this on by themselves. (optional) Serve with pineapple preserves and orange juice for a garden party snack. (Meets CACFP requirements)

Lemon Flower Cookies:
Use any commercial round lemon flavored cookies or make your own as a cooking project. Spread lemon icing on top of the cookies and then arrange candy corn around the top of the cookie, as if the pieces of candy corn are flower petals. These are very cute and very yummy!

Slice strawberries, bananas, pears, apples, and melon into oval and circular shapes. The children can now create a flower on their plates. After their artwork has been recognized, they may eat it.

Enjoy salted or unsalted, shelled or in the shell (depending on the age of the children) sunflower seeds. They are easy to serve in a small paper cup outside on a sunny day and nutritious to boot!

Edible Flowerpots

Use ice cream cones to represent
flower pots. Have one for each
child in the class. Use two scoops of chocolate ice cream for dirt and put in your “edible flower pot”. Put “Reese Cup Ice Cream Topping Pieces” in the chocolate ice cream to represent seeds. Place candy flower sprinkles on top of the chocolate ice cream to look like the seeds have bloomed. Enjoy! The children love it, and it’s a great snack!!!