Flower Games

Have children get in a small “seed” position on the floor. Ask a child to “water” the children with an empty watering can. As they touch the children’s backs, the children start to grow. They have to grow slowly. When they reach as tall as they can go, they open their arms like petals.

This idea worked well with the kids in my class. I brought in a couple of inexpensive bouquets of flowers. I set the bouquets out on the table, and took the children in small groups over to the table. We played a sorting game. The children sorted the flowers according to color, the size of the stem, and also matched the flowers that were alike.

Create large daisy shape flowers with a circle in the middle large enough to write one letter on each flower until you have the whole alphabet. Copy onto different colored paper. Add a Yellow circle with letter to cover the one on your copy, cut out and laminate all flowers. Hang the flowers on the wall with double sided tape. Have a butterfly relay race. The kids are the butterflies. One child from each team flies to the flowers to get some nectar. When they get to the flower they use their arm as the butterfly’s tongue and unroll it from under their chin. (Butterflies keep their tongue rolled up except when eating) Have the child identify the name of the letter (or sound) and fly back to tag the next butterfly in line.

Play Flower, Flower, Bee. Played just like Duck, Duck, Goose.