Flower Art


Trace child’s hand onto yellow construction paper, twice each hand. Have student cut out hands. Take round black circle from construction paper and glue all hands to back of (this is the center of the sunflower) finish by adding a green stem.

Draw or cut tree trunk with branches from brown paper. Take popped popcorn and sprinkle with powered tempra paint color of choice. Have students glue popcorn onto tree. The popcorn becomes the blossoms on the tree.
We used red which turned out pink and blue. It was fun.

Take a bunch of flower pedals and place them in a large bowl. Cut out some contact paper into the shape of a flower. Let the children place the flower pedals on the cut outs. Once finished, used another piece of contact paper to seal it off so no flowers come loose. Add a steam cut out from green paper if you want.

Using coffee filters have the children color the outside of the filter with markers. Then fold the filter into in half 2 times and place it into a cup of water. When the colors blend together, take out of water and lay flat until they dry. When dry pinch the filter in the middle of the inter circle and using a pipe cleaners attach in the middle of the circle and you have a flower!

Get a bunch of different silk flowers and have the kids dip the flowers in paint and have them “Flower Paint” Its a different art medium the kids can use to paint with.

Create lovely flowers with buttons and wire. The wire is the stem and the differently shaped buttons become the blooms. Younger children could use pipe cleaners and large buttons and older kids can use smaller buttons and florist or craft wire. Older children are quite creative with this simple idea. They sometimes decorate the buttons with acrylic paint, permanent marker or glitter. They also next different sizes of buttons to create an interesting look. We make up silly flower names as well. These make lovely bouquets in vases or stuck pieces of styrofoam (painted or plain).