Flower Art

This lesson was about sharing, listening to directions, and counting our fingers. I did this in two stages.
On the first day, I traced all of the children’s hands on red paper and labled their names on the back for the next day. I then cut out the hands for the next day as well.
I also typed up a set of numbers using the “72” size font from 1-5 inclusive. I had green stems and two leaves per flower cut out. We had small round stickers to use for a “ring” for out fingers.
First, each child was given a 1/2 sheet of black art paper with scalloped edges. They were then asked to paste on the stem, then the leaves, and then the hands (flowers). We then counted out fingers from 1-5. They were given one number at a time from one to five so that they could glue them onto the fingers. Care was taken so that they didn’t cover the area where the “ring” would go on the ring finger. They then got to choose a “ring” (sticker) to place on the ring finger after they helped me to count their flower fingers from one to five. They were then asked how many fingers were on their hands….this was the frustrating part. Not all of them got the answer. We had to count several times before they understood the correlation between this counting activity and the question. But, eventually, they all got the answer. We will repeat this exercise again with another art activity using both hands so that they can answer the question, “How many fingers do you have, altogether?” We will see… 🙂

You can purchase silk flowers or find real ones and allow children to paint with the flowers. My Two’s really enjoyed this activity.

For cute sunflowers, cut out several hand shapes from yellow paper and glue all around a brown circle. These make cute covers for cards also.

Purchase one stalk of celery, cut of the bottom. Then dip the end in paint, then stamp onto paper like a rubber stamp. The finished project looks like roses, have children add stems and leaves.

Sunflower windsocks:
Paint a paper plate yellow. Glue construction paper triangles around the edge of the paper plate. Glue sunflower seeds to the middle of the plate. Finish the project by gluing green crepe paper streamers to the bottom edge of the plate. Attach a looped piece of yarn to the back of the plate for hanging.

I have my kindergarteners use a cupcake liner to make a flower. They press the liner flat and attach it to a stem and leaf. They glue the flower on to blue construction paper and add raindrops or the sun and bees or whatever they want. You can also use a picture of the children cut down to size to fit in the middle of the cupcake liner.