Fishing Snacks

Goldfish Fishin’–On a small paper plate or cup provide each child with a Tbsp. of peanut butter, several pretzel sticks and goldfish crackers. Now they start fishing–dip one end of the pretzel in peanut butter and then “catch” a goldfish with the peanut butter end.. Kids at my daycare love this!!!

Fish in a pond: You put blue food coloring in cream cheese and you have the children spread that on a round cracker and then place a goldfish cracker on top!

We studied fish and made tuna sandwiches, then cut them into the shape of a fish, then added anything you want for an eye (ie half an olive or grape).

Camping snack-pretend your going fishing on your camp out. Take large pretzel rods, tie one piece of pull-n-peel red licorice to the end of pretzel and a gummy worm to the other end. The children can eat their own fishing pole.

Put a blob of peanut butter in a nut cup, small snack cup, or just on a plate. Dip small stick pretzels into the peanut butter then use this “fishing rod and bait” to “catch” goldfish crackers.

Tint cream cheese with blue food coloring (for the water) Spread it onto a plate and swirl it around to look like waves. Place fish or whale crackers around to look like they are swimming.

Make blue jell-o and put into clear cups to set. When partially set, add gummy worms and gummy sharks to the cup. You have your very own aquarium. The kids love it.

Make blue Jell-O jigglers and serve chunks of the “lake”, “pond”, “ocean”, etc.

After sorting and graphing Pepperidge Farm fish crackers that come in different flavors for your math activity, have the children eat their fish crackers. Also, provide different types of fish for the children to eat as a snack. Ex: tuna fish, sardines, fish sticks, etc. Be sure to provide crackers with the fish, and don’t forget the ketchup and tartar sauce! When all else fails, make Knox blocks Jell-O cut into fish shapes with a fish shape cookie cutter.