Fishing Games

Fishing pole:

Activity: Using a paper towel roll cut it along the line that are there. Wrap the paper roll into a tied twist and use tape to hold it so it looks like a long fishing pole. Let children paint pole. Next using a 5/8″ ribbon holder have the children cover with paper on both side so it can be decorated, to do these traces around the ribbon holder and cut out and glue on the outside of the ribbon holder after being painted , colored etc. Let the children wrap some white string inside, tape to hold the sting in place. Make sure you leave enough to go up the pole to the top and some that will hang down, these will make it look like fishing line, glue reel on to pole (you make want to use hot glue and glue gun) it to the side of fishing pole to from the reel. Now using pipe cleaner cut 3 small stripes into 1″ or 2″ long piece and run your line up the pole and attach with pipe cleaners. Finally glue small wooden ice cream tasting spoon to reel this will be the handle to the fishing pole, (you can also add a bead to the end of spoon to make the tip of handle using hot glue and glue gun. (Have the children color before they attach handle). How you can have the children make paper fish if they choice and hang of the line using a paper clip tied to the end of the fishing line (String.)

Tie a magnet to a string and dowel rod fishing pole and fish for fridge magnet letters identify it or say it’s sound and you get to put it in your pile. To learn colors we used color paper fish with a paper clip on the mouth area. My older children use sight word flash cards with clips on them the possibilities are endless! happy fishing!

To teach my students numbers and counting, I cut out and laminated fish shapes in lots of different colored construction paper then attached a large paper clip to each one and then stuck a certain amount of small stickers to each fish. I then made a mat from poster board with only the outline of a fish and a number written inside each outline. The students use a fishing pole with a magnet attached to the end to “fish” the colored fish out of a bucket or container. They have to count the number of stickers on the fish that they “caught” and match it with the corresponding number on the mat. I reward them with gummy worms for correct matches.

Fishing poles

Buy some wooden dowels at an arts and crafts shop at least 10 inches long attach a string and magnet at the end. Make paper fish the kids can do this by tracing them and coloring them on one side and write the color name on the other side. cover with contact paper or laminate and attach paper clips or the frozen juice tops (aluminum) then put the fish in a children’s pool with out water, or a pretend pond and fish away with the magnets.


In this game have the children stand in a line and pick one child to be the fish. (or 2-3 depending on group size) Then have all the other children say” fishy, fishy may we cross your ocean?” The fish then says, “yes”. The children all run across to the other side without being tagged by the fish. If they are tagged by the fish they then sit down where they were tagged and place their arms out. They are now the seaweed in the ocean. The seaweed can also help the fish catch the others trying to cross but, without moving (use arms only). The last one not tagged is the winner or the next fish. (I usually have them be the next fish and pick 2 friends to help… the kids will love it!)

I was having a horrible time getting boys interested in doing any kind of writing. We invented a fishing game, with a piece of yarn and a clothes pin the kids fish for letters. When they catch one they must record it by copying it onto their paper. This worked so well we moved on to names, numbers and simple words. Not only can the kids copy the letters they can read most of the words. I don’t even have to ask if anyone wants to play, they get it out everyday.