Fishing Art

I made an aquarium for my two year old by taking a Ziplock bag and adding some blue shampoo to it. I also added fish shape cut from thin foam. Seal the edges of the bag with duct tape, just to be sure that it doesn’t leak. Then take two large pieces of construction paper or poster board and cut a fish bowl shape in the center of each. Tape the Ziplock bag in place on one of the pieces of the poster board and staple the other piece on the back. You can also add glitter and stickers in the “water” then hang it in a window and they have a sparkling aquarium and the fish will never die or need fed. My son loves it.

This is probably one of the more stinky activities you can do with children but the kids love it. (Parents and other teachers always say it stinks.) For “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” I go to the grocery store and buy 2 fish (fresh with the scales on work best) You paint one red and the other blue. Each child gets a piece of paper to lay on top of the fish and pressing down gently the fish leaves a print. I also ask the kids about the smell and how it feels (before we paint it).

After reading the book Swimmy, I had the children paint bubble wrap (small bubbles) using red paint and then rub a piece of fish shaped paper over the bubble wrap and then gluing a small black fish on for the eye. The resulting fish was glued onto light blue paper for water.

Red fish, blue fish:

I let the kids glue cut outs of fish that were out of read and blue construction paper. They glued them to yellow paper to look like the cover of the book. They added little wiggle eyes to all the fish…really quick and cute!

Bubble Wrap Fish Prints-Cut out a piece of bubble wrap in the shape of a fish. Secure scrap paper to your table and place tape on the back of your pattern and stick it to the scrap paper. Using thin paint and sponge brushes, have your children paint the fish completely, being sure to cover the tips of all the fins, After the fish is painted, place a piece of construction paper on top and have the child press the paper down on top of the pattern. Once this is done, lift the paper and look at your fish print!

The preschool kids love this. You get a pattern of a fish and trace it onto some heavy paper and cut it out. Then you need some pieces of bubble wrap. Put various colors of paint on paper plates. Let the kids dip the bubble wrap into the paint and place it onto their fish shape. It will give the effect of scales on their fish. Let them use the various different colors to make their fish very colorful, and of course you can always use some glitter or foil for one of the scales and you have the “Rainbow Fish” and you can read the story in conjunction with art activity! Enjoy!

If you know a fisherman or woman ask for some small fish that are scaly. Make fish prints by brushing paint on the fish (dead). Then cover with muslin or a white material and then you have a fish print. You could use material paint and print on t shirts or make banners or quilt squares for a quilt.