First Day Of Winter Snacks

First Day Of Winter Snacks

First Day Of Winter Snacks

First Day Of Winter Snacks for preschoolers through second grade.

For my pre-k class, we wanted to do something winter related so i gathered up graham crackers candied fruit candy and frosting and they created their very own gingerbread house which we ate for snack time. What a blast!

Snow Candy as it is already listed is fun. However, if you use real Maple Syrup and boil it the same way, you get an all natural treat that doesn’t require any measuring or mixing of ingredients. You can also tie in the science of Maple Syrup Season which is at the end of winter when the weather just starts getting warm again during the day.

Polar Ice Cap – Ingredients: blue kool-aid (prepared as directed), ginger ale, vanilla ice cream, clear glass, straw. Directions: (1) put the kool-aid and the ginger ale in the refrigerator until they are cold. (2) fill a glass almost halfway with blue kool-aid. (3) add ginger ale almost to the top of the glass. (4) drop in one big scoop of vanilla ice cream. (5) enjoy your “North Pole” drink with a straw!

We made homemade doughnuts; after frying, we rolled them in our powdered sugar ‘snow’ and ate them.

Snowman Soup (this was not my idea but my children loved it)

put the hot chocolate mix into a cup ADD: 2 Hershey kisses 1 small candy cane ADD hot water and stir ADD: 1 ice cube and 3 marshmallow ‘snow balls’

SNOW CREAM ! I let my children collect clean snow in a large bowl. We then add approximately one cup of milk, 1/2 cup of sugar and some vanilla extract. It will be about the same texture as a milkshake! This is really easy and the kids can do it themselves. My classes have always loved this one!

How about S’mores? We use Graham Crackers, Hershey Candy Bars and Big Marshmallows and a Microwave. YUM!! Also, a great treat is Hot Chocolate. The little ones like it lukewarm.

Pancake Snowman: Give the children three circle pancakes of different sizes. They make a snowman. Sprinkle them with powdered sugar. Add mini M&m’s for buttons, raisins for eyes, red hots for the mouth, etc. Then eat!

Snow Candy 2 cups of brown sugar 3 tablespoons of butter 1/2 cup of water Bring water to a rolling boil Boil for about 10 min. Have the children make a smooth place in clean snow Pour the snow candy on it. You can write their names in it or draw pictures. Don’t touch until it has cooled. Then you can have a great snack!

snowmen– Louis rich turkey slices cut down = the snowman body,chocolate wafer cookies =hat(cut into the hat shape) raisins =eyes,small carrots =nose ,orange slice=mouth, fruit snack by the foot =scarf,m&m’s=buttons and pretzel sticks =arms. let the kids put them together during their center time then eat them during snack time!