First Day Of Winter Science

For this activity, you will need magnifying lenses and black construction paper that has been chilled in the freezer. When it snows, bundle the children up and go outside to catch snowflakes on the paper. Then examine the flakes with the magnifying lenses.

Ice Magic

Suspend an ice cube in a glass of water. Have the children take a piece of string, lay it across the ice and try to pick up the ice with the string. They won’t be able to do this. Tell them to lay the piece of string on the ice again and have them sprinkle a pinch of salt over the string. Count to 10 and lift the string. Magic…it sticks! Have fun watching their expressions. Be prepared to do it over and over again.

It’s winter, and this month we are enjoying a lot of ice and snow activities. This is quite fun for all of my three-year-olds because we are in sunny So.Ca. This is a great idea to make snow in class. Take a snow cone maker (ice shaver) and let the children drop in some ice cubes and “make snow”. This activity lends itself to a lot of sensory exploration and discussion. We had a lot of fun…just go where the children lead.

Freeze a block of ice (1/2 gal. milk carton) remove the ice from the carton. You may lay it on its side or stand it on end, put Ice cream salt on the top in several places. Then a little food coloring I like the paste it is more vibrant. I put a different color in each place I put the salt and let it set and watch the colors work their way down into the cake of ice. This shows how the salt melts the ice and how there are cracks unseen in the ice with the eye. The children are fascinated by this.

Using ice-cubes and let the children watch the ice melt, then put liquid back in the freezer. After a few hours take out and discuss the form that the ice became and what happens to the liquid.

Frozen Treasures… plastic milk jugs freeze colored water of your choice, when half frozen drop in several various small toys (animals, legos, etc). After this is frozen add another color of the water to fill the jug let freeze half way then add more toys. Children love to chip and melt to find the hidden treasure and the colors blend creating new colors.

Bring a bin of snow into your science center and allow the children to play in it as they observe it melting. You can also measure the amount of water that comes from a bucket of snow with older children.

Have the children freeze milk containers or large margarine containers of water and bring them to preschool. Dress warmly and go outside. Take the ice chunks out of their containers and give each child spoonfuls of winter salt to put over the ice. Let the children use eyedroppers to dribble food coloring over the salt. The salt will eat its way through the ice and the food coloring will make a design down into the ice. Working together co-operatively the children can build an ice sculpture before adding the coloring. It’s great fun. Children can leave it and come back to see the changes that happen.

First Day Of Winter Science

First day of winter science activities for preschoolers through second grade.