First Day Of Winter Games

SNOWSTORM Materials – a bag of cotton balls-In a circle lead the children in a game of make-believe. Pretend it is snowing. Pretend to put on winter outdoor clothes. Pretend the snow is deep, lead children quietly steeping high in the deep snow. Pretend to build a snowman. Have children toss the cotton balls up and “listen” to them fall. Ask children what they heard. This is a nice quiet activity that uses many of the senses.

During the winter months when the little ones can’t get outside or if you live in a warm climate and want to have a snowball (exchange) we use the large marshmallows. The children stand in a line across from each other and start throwing. I put the marshmallows in the large ice-cream containers with handles. Each side gets one full and the side who makes them all disappear first wins. Of course, after they all hit the floor you can use again to throw some more. Explain to the children they can’t eat them after they hit the floor or ground if you are outside. This is a fun activity for ages 3 and up. I use 3-4 large bags on both sides. Jeanie (Activities Dir. Ark Angels)

During January we focus on literature for the entire month. To get the children and parents excited about reading at home I have a reading incentive program. I sent home 10 circles representing snowballs. After the children listen to a story at home the parents write the title and author and the child’s name. Then they bring it to school. They earn one piece of snowman for each snowball brought in. Each child is trying to build their own snowman. At the end of the month, all of the children will receive a free book and bookmark as a prize. I then take all the individual snowballs and put them on the bulletin board. If we get enough snowballs to build a large class snowman we will celebrate all of our reading with a pizza party. The title of my bulletin board is FROSTY IS GROWING WITH GOOD BOOKS. The last day of the month we have a Book Character Dress Up Day. All the children come to school dressed as their favorite book character. We have a fun time parading around the school and trying to guess who everyone is dressed as.

Parachute Snowfall

Place cotton ball “snow” on the parachute. Put on some music and gently let the snow fall.

Paper snowball “fight”

Put a masking tape dividing line between 2 or more groups of children. Give them each a stack of newspapers. When the signal is given to begin the “snowball fight” let the children wad the newspapers into “snowballs” and throw them at their friends. See which side can get all of their snowballs on the other side!

Arctic Animal movement game

Talk about and show pictures of animals that live in the Arctic. Ex. Polar bears, penguins, seals, walrus, etc. Put on some music and have them move like a polar bear, or waddle like a penguin,etc.

Pass The Ice

This is played much like Hot Potato. Have the children pass an ice cube around the circle to music. When the music stops, everyone claps for the one holding the ice cube. Keep playing until the ice is completely melted.

First Day Of Winter Games

First Day Of Winter Games for preschoolers through second grade.