First Day Of Winter Games

First Day Of Winter Games

First Day Of Winter Games

First Day Of Winter Games for preschoolers through second grade.

In a large area have two adults with their own gloves, hats, coats, scarves, and boots laying next to them. The children will line up in front of one of the adults and one at a time run up and place an item of winter on the adult. The first team finished wins. Children love the excitement of this game and it also gets a lot of energy out on days it is too cold to go outside!

In my school, I have the secretary save all her “oops” white copies. After I have collected quite a basket full I put the children to work rolling the white scrap paper into balls. These are then saved in large black plastic bags to be divided for the game. The children are divided into two groups. Each group is then given a set of large cardboard blocks. Enough to build a fairly good sized wall. They are encouraged to work together as a group and build a wall that will shield them from their opponents. After the wall is built they get to the “snowballs” and have a wonderful time having a snowball fight. The side that finishes their snowballs first and their wall is still standing, is the winner. I have done this for 3 years running and the children have the best time with this exercise. They want to repeat it several times. Which I allow if time is on their side.

What we did was looked around for a place that had snowshoes and rented them for my 4 and 5-year-old group. So what I did was had the children walk on the snow without them and then had them walk on the snow with the snowshoes. I then asked them during a circle, what they found was the differences where. They had a great time walking around and stumbling. Try it out and watch the children as they try to walk.

When it is too cold to go outside in the winter, my children love to have a snowball fight indoors-of course we use white socks rolled up.

Another variation on pass the ice idea. If you have snow, make a snowball or two ahead of time and freeze them till they are very hard. Have the children put on their mittens. Then play the wonder ball game. “The wonder ball goes round and round. To pass it quickly, you are bound. If you’re the one to hold it last. The game for you has quickly passed. Out goes Y-O-U!” The children sit out the rest of that round. The thing the kids seem to love about this is that they get to wear their mittens.

Another Florida snow idea: My three-year-olds had a great time balling up an old newspaper and then taking the “snowballs” outside for an old-fashioned snowball fight. Just warn parents in advance that their children may get a little dirty from the newsprint.

Here is a great counting activity I bought a cheap muffin tin and some pretty iridescent glass stones, the kind you for flower arrangements. Here is what you do Take a sharpie pen and write the numbers on the bottom from 1 to 10 or 12 and the children use the stones to count and put the correct numbers in the muffin cup. The stones look like ice.

I love the pass the ice idea. You could also freeze the water in a white round balloon to make a snowball. This would keep the children from getting wet as the ice melts.

Living not too far from the North Pole, (Well it feels like it in Minnesota!!) we play freeze!! The children dance to music and I say “freeze”. The children freeze until the music starts again.

The theme can be changed with the seasons and holidays. For winter, I made a snowman and the children were blindfolded and each given a cut-out carrot. The closest to the nose wins. Use a big heart and have the children, blindfolded, to see who can place the small cut out hearts within the one you traced in the middle. Similar to “pin the tail on the donkey”. Kids love it.