First Day Of Winter Art

On black construction paper draw a three-circle snowman with a white crayon. Have the children lick the top of miniature marshmallows and line them up all around the circles. (They will stick after licking.) Glue small pretzel sticks for arms and have the children draw a face, buttons, boots, and a hat! Allow them to eat all leftover marshmallows and pretzel sticks for a snack!

Glittering Snowballs

Blow up a small round balloon for each child. Dip lengths of white yarn into a mixture of white glue and water, and have children wrap around the balloon in interesting patterns. Try to cover most of the balloon, but you don’t have to cover the whole thing. While the ball is still wet, sprinkle with silver glitter. Allow to dry, then pop and remove the balloon from in the center. Beautiful snowballs to hang from your ceiling!

Materials: One snowman pattern cut out of posterboard per child, glue, shaving cream. Mix shaving cream and glue in a bowl until it is a creamy marshmallow texture. The children use their hands to spread the mixture on their snowman. The mixture is similar to puff

Take toilet paper tubes and make different length snips at the end of the tube. Bend the ends back so they are all flared out. Dip the flared edges in white paint, the tube make a great holder. When done sprinkle with silver glitter. It looks like snowflakes. Then with all the different lengths made in the cuts, they are all different and unique.

Use black paper on the easel. Use a white crayon for the child’s name. Let the children use white paint and paintbrushes one day for a snow scene. Each day after that use a different type of object instead of the paintbrush: a brayer to roll it; a floppy sponge on a handle; a fork; little race cars dipped in white paint and rolled across; black paper and drops of white paint in a box lid and roll marbles. Have fun!

Make ice cubes in a tray with half craft sticks for handles. When frozen give one to each child. Sprinkle powdered tempera paint on a sheet of paper and rub an ice cube over paint. Neat creations!

Cut a bell pepper in half crossways dip half of the pepper into white paint and make a print of the pepper (it makes a snowflake print) print the snowflake prints onto blue construction paper.

Shimmering Icicles On black construction, draw a thick line of glue across the top width of the paper. Hold paper upright to let glue drip down the paper. Sprinkle glitter on glue, let dry…icicles!

Shimmering Snowflakes

Pre-cut, or have children cut, snowflakes from different shades of blue paper. Make a fairly thick mixture of Epsom salt and water. Have the children paint the snowflakes with the mixture. When dry repeat on another side. They make a great room decoration to hang from the ceiling.

Use shape cutters (the ones that are used for dough, we have used snowmen, stars, angels etc.) Dip them in PVA glue, and make a print onto black paper. Sprinkle with glitter, and you have a lovely winter/Christmas scene.

Place dollies on black paper. The children can sponge paint over the dollies with white paint. When the dollies are removed it will look like snowflakes.