First Day Of Winter Art

After reading the book , “Snowballs” by Lois Ehlert,I had the students in my class take home a white construction paper snowman and a note that asked parents and their child to work on it and decorate their snowman in any creative way they could. They came out adorable!!! We have some made with stickers, marshmallows, cereal, twigs, candy, raisins, plastic forks (for arms), pom poms, etc…The parents enjoy this as much as the kids! they are really a delightful display in our hallway.” Our Snowfolks Will Melt your Heart”

Twist 3 silver metallic pipe cleaners in the center. Have the children push 3 or 4 packing peanuts onto each spoke of the pipe cleaner, leaving a space in between the packing peanuts. Tie a piece of nylon thread from one of the pipe cleaners and hang in a window. These really catch the light. Great small motor and counting activity for 3 and up.

Make an igloo out of sugar cubes and vanilla icing!!!

Balloon Snowmen

This is a great winter project. Blow up three balloons, one small balloon, one medium size balloon and one large balloon. Provide a shallow dish of white paint. The other materials needed are q-tips various colors of paint, such as brown, red, black and construction paper for each child. The children will be making snowmen, by rolling the balloon in the white paint and then placing it on his/her own paper. The child needs to begin with the large balloon on the bottom, next is the medium size balloon and the small balloon print is placed on the top for the head. Next, the child uses the q-tips for adding features such as the eyes, nose, hat, hands, and feet. The children will have a great time doing this and the snowmen look great.

Use ivory flakes, mix with warm water. Children use egg beater on the mixture. Use on black paper to make snow pictures.

Northern Lights – Materials – pastel-colored chalk, purple or blue construction paper, white construction paper, orange construction paper, glue, scissors

On purple or blue construction have the children use the sides of the chalk to color on the paper – should use pink, yellow, blue, green, and orange. (This will look like a sunset). After coloring, children cut a strip of white paper to glue to bottom (representing snow). Add an orange sun. I also make available – white cutouts of polar animals that the children may glue (or trace and cutout) to the paper.

I cut out the shape of a bare tree in brown construction paper and an evergreen in green paper. the children cut out their own trees and bushes too and stuck these on to blue construction paper, then with toothbrushes, they splattered white paint to look like a snowstorm. it looked incredibly effective.

Mix 1 cup Epsom salts with 1 cup boiling water. Let cool. Use paint brushes to paint mixture over recycled Christmas cards or note cards with pretty pictures. When dry, pictures will have a frosty appearance. Cut a piece of black construction paper to fit the bottom of a clear, flat dish. Pour any remaining mixture in dish and let sit overnight to dry. The mixture forms crystals. Children can use magnifying glasses to view the crystals.

I have my children first draw a winter scene. For my younger children, I cut snowpeople or skaters, snow town, etc. out of Xmas wrapping paper. I then glue these items onto construction paper. I mix up white paint and brush white paint on bubble wrap. Then the children make a print on their construction paper pictures. It’s A WINTER WONDERLAND!

We use dish detergent bottles, filled with water and food coloring. Then we go outside to color the snow. I find the squirt bottles work easier (esp. with mittens on!) than the spray bottles.