First Day Of Winter Art

As one of our family-school connections for the month of January, the teachers send home a bag of dried pasta (wheels, shells, bow ties, macaroni, etc.) with a note explaining the project. The parents and child are to work together to assemble a snowflake. A simple pattern is also sent. We emphasize that no two snowflakes are alike and they can decorate them with paint or glitter or whatever else they have at home. After the snowflake is complete, the children bring them back to the center and we display them for a month or so on the central bulletin board. We then send them back home after the season.

Cotton Snow: Glue cotton onto blue construction paper and there is your cotton snow.

Snow Art Use cool whip topping to symbolize snow. Cut a snowflake, snowball or use on heavy paper. When dried it leaves an interesting 3d image.

I noticed lots of cute snowmen ideas here. We make one out of one large and one small paper plate and add buttons, face, etc. The cutest part though is the carrot nose. We cut a piece of orange paper into a half circle and then roll and tape it into a pointy “carrot.” Make a hole for the nose and push it in from the back. It is adorable!

Push a strawberry basket so that it is inside out, dip it into white paint, and make “snowflakes” on blue or black paper.

Salty the Snowman: Make a snowman body template for the kids to trace around. Use blue construction paper for the body and lots of scraps for adding details (hats, mittens, eyes). Put table salt into shakers and let the kids glue & shake on salt to their snowmen. While the glue dries, let them cut lots of clothes for Salty the Snowman. These are super cute on the bulletin board!

Epsom salt snowflakes: Cut out snowflake shapes. Color on light blue construction paper with white chalk. Mix Epsom salt and a little amount of water in a bowl. It should be frothy. Paint salt onto the snowflake. See what happens in several days.

You will need 1 large paper plate, 7-9 black craft pompoms, orange craft foam, cotton balls and glue. Have children glue the black pompoms on the top of the plate to make two eyes and the smile ( space the pompoms out to look like a snowman’s smile). Next, fill in the empty spaces around the black pompoms with the cotton balls. When the pompoms and cotton are glued on, glue on a carrot shaped nose from the orange craft foam. You may cut out a black hat from construction paper and glue on also! These are so cute and the kids love making them!

Q-tips snowflakes-

material: glue, Q-tips, construction paper.

I let children cut small blue circles from construction paper, then the children glue Q-tips around to a form some kind of star (the blue construction paper is the base and then one ends of the q-tips are in the middle of the circle. Then we hang our snowflakes from the ceiling. Children loved this idea! And it looks like snow in our room!

“Snowballs” Blow up a balloon to a size of a softball, cut about 2 to 3 foot of white yarn place in bowl of Elmer’s glue then take yarn and begin wrapping yarn around balloon when done wrapping sprinkle glitter ( I used silver glitter) on yarn then hang to dry for 24hrs, when the glue is dry pop balloon then you have this cool snowball to hang from your ceiling (my preschoolers loved this project)