First Day Of Winter Art

I take empty thread spools and have the children dip them in white paint. They then print on black or dark blue construction paper. They look just like real snowflakes. I then put them all together on a wall add white strips to make it look like a window.

Hanging Snowflakes

Last winter I took a piece of wax paper and had the kids lay down Q-tips end to end. Then had them take glue and squirt it where the Q-tips met. After it dried I took them off the wax paper and hung them from the ceiling! The kids loved it!!!

Christmas ornaments In my 3-year-old class the children make snowflakes. Each child gets a small piece of waxed paper on which I have them squeeze a puddle of glue. I then give them several Q-tips cut in half which they place around the glue puddle, swab end sticking out to look like a snowflake. Stick a loop of string in the glue puddle for a holder. Have child sprinkle glitter onto the glue. Let them dry a couple of days and peel them off the waxed paper. In my four-year-old class, the children make cinnamon ornaments with the easy recipe of one part cinnamon to one part applesauce. I but the cinnamon at the bulk store and the cheapest applesauce I can find. The children roll their dough, cut it into shapes, add a hole for the string. Let dry on waxed paper a couple of days.

This lesson can be a winter project or even a social study project. The children can make igloos using sugar cubes. Have them glue sugar cubes on top of one another on top of a cardboard platform. You can also use glitter, crystal studs and sequins to decorate the igloo. If you want to preserve the igloo you can put shellac (teacher) on the project.

Snowflake ornament materials: Wheel shaped pasta white paint white glitter dry Tapioca pudding mix paint brushes glue Take round wheel shaped pasta and glue (believe me Elmer’s does work!) together to be in a circle shape. Paint the whole thing white. Before the paint dries sprinkle on glitter mixed with dry Tapioca pudding mix. When dry slide a piece of string or yarn through one of the wheel holes towards the outside of one of the wheel pasta shapes. My mother had our girl scout troop make it and some of the girls say their mom still says don’t forget the pasta ornament we have to put it up and we made it 10 years ago. Younger kids love making it, they love things that are handmade and are more than paint paper paste and scissors.

Let the children try to build igloos using ice cubes (Salt helps to hold them together). Then build an igloo using sugar cubes to take home.

Want a fun way to recycle old markers? take them outside to color the snow with. Works good and nothing goes to waste.

Pasta Snowflakes

Quick tip before you start: The easiest way to paint the pasta white is to add a small amount of white paint and some uncooked pasta to a Ziploc baggie and shake.

Draw a Medium sized circle on a piece of sturdy paper. This will be used as a guideline. The children glue the white pasta inside the circle and can even extend the circle if they wish. Stress that all snowflakes are different.

On The Easel

I provided blue or black paper and three different sized corks to dip into white paint. I encouraged the children to make snowman pictures. Some days I added some black paint as well as white so the children could make eyes and buttons. And on other days I added glitter to the white glue for a different effect.

Ice Painting! Using an ordinary ice tray, freeze colored ice cubes. Fill with water and add food coloring in any colors that you choose. Lay toothpicks or Popsicles sticks in the water, and freeze overnight. Next day, have the children hold the colored ice cube by the stick and swipe over white construction paper. The ice slowly melts leaving the beautiful colors behind. The children love swirling the ice and watching the colors blend. Enjoy!

using a rectangle of contact paper unpeeled have children sprinkle a half teaspoon of ivory snow onto the contact paper and spread flat with a spoon. Let children place precut construction paper pieces of an orange nose, brown stick arms, and paper hole punched black eyes, and a black hat. Fold contact paper in half and seal the edges. You have created a melted snowman!