First Day Of Winter Art

Igoo: Materials: Small Styrofoam cup, small white paper plate, mini marshmallows, sugar cubes, glue, shaving cream* (*if desired) For the 3’s I cut the top half of the cup off and glued the bottom half onto the center of the paper plate. When dry we started the project. The kids were instructed to put glue all over the cup. sides, top, etc. 2 sugar cubes were placed on top of each other than glued onto the paper plate touching the cup to form a door/entryway. Then they covered the cup with mini-marshmallows. When done they used popsicle sticks to put a mixture of shaving cream and glue onto their igloo’s and paper plates (this makes a puffy snow that dries puffy). Also, I pre-cut little strips out of colored construction paper and glued them around the top of a toothpick to resemble a flag. I put the child’s name “Tommy’s Igloo” on the flag and when they were all done the stuck the flag into a marshmallow on the top of their igloo. They loved making these and they turned out so cute!

Our five-year-old class loves to use equal parts of shaving cream (non-menthol) and Elmer’s glue to make winter scenes. It has a “puffy” effect. We also use it for projects. e.g. paper mache snowmen, and our life-size polar bear. It is one of our favorites! I’m sure you could add food coloring too!

Mix shaving cream and glue together to make snow that will be 3 dimensional on paper. Use your fingers to apply to houses, make snowballs or create a puffy polar bear. This dries quickly and forms a hard coat over the top.

Just a quick addition to the “toilet paper roll” snowflake idea. I love the idea and have used it before. This year I cut the strips in the cardboard with those ‘wavy’ scissors…so each snowflake had an extra special pattern. The kids loved it.

Dressed for winter self-portrait. Have kids paint with a skin color onto a paper plate. Then have them round off two corners of a sheet of 9 x 12 construction paper to make a winter coat. Let them decorate with buttons, etc. Next glue cotton balls, (colored or white) all along the edge of the paper plate to make the “hood”. Let them finish the face by gluing eyes and drawing a nose and mouth. (I use fun foam for eyes a lot and they turn out really cute. I use two different colors and sizes of circles and have the kids draw a black “pupil” in the smaller one.) These snow kids make a great bulletin board.

After a snowstorm, bring in a large amount of snow in big tubs. Have the children help you fill the tubs outside and carry them in. When inside, give the children watercolor painting sets and let them have fun, fun, fun. As they paint the snow, the colors will blend together. It really is lovely. We always take pictures of this activity for the parents.

Snow Paint White Tempera Paint, Glitter. In a plastic cup, pour paint. Add glitter until the consistency is thick like snow. Paint onto projects! I used gold glitter and you couldn’t see the color. It’s much cheaper than the snow sold in stores!

My Even Start children worked with their parents to make Lifesaver Snowflakes. I glued tongue depressors together with a hot glue gun to look like an asterisk or snowflake frame and let them sit overnight. The next day, we took peppermint Lifesavers and dipped them into some glue and put them onto the snowflake frames. Then we used paint brushes to put a light coating of glue on top of the Lifesavers. We sprinkled some white iridescent glitter on them to make them sparkle. Once they dried I sprayed them lightly with a coat of clear spray paint to protect them. They take a while to dry and use a fair amount of glue, but the end result is very cute.

For ceiling art…Cut out blue snowflakes. mix ivory snow and warm water with lots of silver glitter. Children can finger paint onto the snowflake, let dry and hang! The children love the squishy feeling! If it gets on clothes, don’t worry, its just soap!

Take mini pretzels. (4 per child) Pour white paint into baggies, or pie tin and coat with paint. Allow to dry thoroughly. When dry, glue all 4 pretzels corners to corners/points to points…to form a “snowflake”. (hot glue gun may work the best…done by an adult). Then, when dry…take a thin ribbon, or yarn and tie for hanging…hold the string and dip into a. White snowy glitter…or b. dip into craft snow. Very Cute!