First Day Of Winter Activities

A good way to experience “Ice Skating” without ice is by using wax paper as skates. Give each child 2 pieces of wax paper (big enough for their foot) and then skate around. It works best without shoes and on carpet.

We bring snow in from outside to put in our water table, We then don gloves, and play in the snow. We put our sand digging toys, spray bottles with colored water and some glitter. We also make clean mud 8 rolls of cheap toilet paper shredded, two bars of ivory soap shredded and 2 T borax sprinkled over the top; and call it snow to explore in our sensory table. This is best to make on Friday and let set over the weekend. This is a great stress reliever for teachers too! Instead of calling it clean mud of course we name it SNOW!

We live in Fl. there is definitely not any snow here! However we are going to have a snow day in Jan. after the holidays. We are going to build individual snowmen out of crushed ice and go outside to the playground and make “snow-angels” in the sand. We are also going to make igloos out of cubed sugar. Wish me luck….

For a winter theme bulletin board, I cut the shapes to make a penguin: Body: Large Circle (black) Head: Small Circle (black) Stomach: Medium Circle (white) Eyes: Two very small circle (white with dot) Beak: Small triangle (yellow or orange) Wings: Two Ovals (black) I made different types of feet: Ice Skates, Skis, Snow Boots, On Sleds, etc I also made different types of winter hats. The children assembled their penguins however they wanted. They really enjoyed making their penguins special! We made a winter scene with trees, ponds, mountains and snow. The children then picked where they wanted their penguin to play. It was a wonderful bulletin board and enjoyed by parents and children alike. Title: Winter Fun!

You can easily make a winter scene. Get a 3 foot by 2 foot piece of light board. $1.67 at Home Depot. Make a mixture of water and glue. Dip white paper towels into the mixture and lay them on the board to create a winter snow scene. Sprinkle opal glitter on top for snow crystals. Use painted branches for trees. Use white modeling clay to hold trees in place. Use winter animals for the children to play with. You could even give them cotton balls and things to make a snowman out of. My children had the best time forming the paper towels into mountains.

Because we have had a lot of it lately, I have filled the sensory table with snow. The children use gloves when they play in it. We have not been able to play outside-too cold, so we brought the outside in! I wonder if parents believe that we really do build snowmen indoors!

Don’t forget to paper skate for movement in your ice and snow unit. We use Xerox paper that has been discarded. Each child needs two sheets for clean, new skates. Step on paper and slide or “skate” around the gym. When your skates rip or get dirty on the bottom, they make great snowballs.

Snow Dough: 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, 1 cup water, 2 Tbs. Veg. Oil, 1 Tbs. Cream of tartar, 1/3 cup silver glitter, 1/4 cup white powdered tempera paint.

Mix all ingredients together. Cook over medium heat, stirring until ball is formed. Knead dough until cool.

Bring along snowflake, snowman and other winter cookie cutters and the kids will have a ball.

Snowflakes ~~ Take 3 craft sticks and paint them white. Let dry. Before children come back, glue a hanger on the top of the back stick (we used silver craft string) turn the snowflake over to the white side and spray with can snow, let dry and then hang around room. We hung ours on our bulletin board on our tree.


I traced the letters onto blue construction paper. Then I sprayed the construction paper with spray snow and after it was dry I cut out the letters. They turned out beautiful.

I used white packing foam pieces for the snow at the bottom of the board. I had the children help me glue each individual piece in place.

Then every time we read a book we write the title on a snowball (white circle) and use these snowballs to build a snowman in the middle.

It turns out to be a very nice 3D bulletin board.