First Day Of Winter Activities

WE will bring in the snow if the weather is to cold to go outside and put it in the sand /water table. Then we put food coloring in to spray bottles and the children will paint the snow. This is also fun for them to do outside. Fun for all ages 2- 12 year olds.

Marshmallow igloos Draw the outline of an igloo with a door with a white crayon on light blue paper. Cut large marshmallows in half with scissors and have kids put them sticky side down inside the outline. Small marshmallows can also be used by just licking and sticking on the paper. Next to the igloo make a snowman using two big marshmallows and one small for the head. Use markers to add details. Draw a smokestack on top of the igloo and add cotton for smoke. Use white paint for snow and you have a cute winter scene that all ages can create.

After reading the story The Jacket I wear in The Snow, I had children paint different items that they wear in the snow which I had precut from oak tag. I then took pictures of the children wearing the things they wear in the snow. It made a great bulletin board!! I also quoted the children in telling me about these items and posted their quotes as well.

Pudgy Penguins

Per child: 1 black lunch bag 1 white oval for tummy 1 black oval for head 1/2 ” google eyes yellow triangle beak 2 orange web feet newspapers stapler

Have child cut out white oval, and glue onto the bottom 2/3’s of the paper bag (the bottom of the bag is the penguin’s bottom too). Have them then open the bag and make newspaper balls and stuff into the bag. Teacher folds the two upper corners of the bag towards the back of the bag and staples shut. The child glues the head above the oval, and over the staple marks. They glue on the eyes and beak and feet in their respective positions.

Same ingredients, but they all turn out so differently with personality! 🙂

We use potato flakes in the sand and water table for a mountain of snowflakes that never melt!

A slight variation on someone else’s great idea. Fill the water table with snow. Place 4 containers with different colored water in the corners. Paint the snow!

Blizzard bulletin board. Snow scene with a snowman with the teachers name on and different snowflakes with the children’s names. With the words Welcome to our blizzard of friends (or fun)!

Give a Christian twist to a weather appropriate dude: The Snowman! Out of all the ways there are to make snowmen, just make them into snowmen ANGELS by adding wings!!! & a halo!

Add wings using white paper doilies, or white twist paper ribbon, or even raffia tied in a bow. Use a sparkly pipe cleaner to make a halo. Ta-duh! Ordinary snowman no more 🙂

Another way to ice-skate indoors is to give each child two paper plates. I buy the cheapest ones that usually come in a packet of 100. They place each foot, shoes and all, on a paper plate and slide around. I play some fun skating music. After we have the hang of it, we try partner skating too. They should be able to use their “skates” for at least two or three skating sessions before needing to recycle them.

Indoor ice skating put plastic or garbage bags on floor…tape them down. spread shaving cream and let kids barefoot skate. They love the idea of taking their shoes and socks off! Easy to clean and fun for all ages! Even the teachers enjoy.