First Day Of Winter Activities



First Day Of Winter Activities

First Day Of Winter Activities

First Day Of Winter Activities for preschoolers through second grade.

We just did “Our kids are snow wonderful” with snowballs with each child’s photo on it.

It doesn’t snow where we are so I buy small Styrofoam balls and we have “snowball” fights. The kids love it and they don’t hurt when you get hit!

Freeze chunks of food colored ice and let the children paint with it. Using mittens makes it more fun- especially in states where we have no snow or ice.

For January I made a winter scene using butcher paper for the snow hills and made a night sky with blue cont. paper and foil stars and made a ice pond in the middle of the board and put penguins ice skating with the childs name on the hats I got bb of the month at the day care that month

Snowboards-this past summer my family purchased boogie boards for the ocean, when i returned to school and brought them in for Luau week, you can also let the children use them as snowboards. they were very sad when we had to take them out at the end of the week.

When I decided to do winter sports with my 4 and 5 year old group, I decided to make a skating rink on the carpet by placing tape on the floor as an outline and then placing wax paper on the children’s shoes. They just loved it and this helped with gross motor skills in the classroom.

During January, we usually do winter/snow themes in our special education preschool. Our students love it when we put white ping pong balls with black eyes/mouth and an orange “carrot” nose drawn on with permanent markers in our sand/water table. We usually put them in with rice or soapy water and funnels, scoops, bowls or any other manipulative we can find that are suitable for our “snowmen”.

Before the children go to work time I fill the empty sand table or another large container with snow, then I add colored ice that I’ve pre-made the night before. It’s fun if you use a couple different sizes. The kids put on their mittens and just have a ball. It allows them to build things out of the snow and they can also color on it using the ice as it starts to melt. It’s a really fun activity and can be used to teach a lot of things.


I love to take pictures, and parents love to have them of their kids! Take a close-up picture of each childs face. When developed, use a circle cutter, (or free-hand) cut the facial shot into a circle, attach to 2 other different size white circles, then you have a snow man! Use in the room, and then send home!

In January I do a winter theme with my class. I purchase 12 rolls of toilet paper and place them on PVC tubing approximately 4 feet long. I let the children unroll the toilet paper. When they are all unraveled, I remove the PVC tubes and we have a “snowball” fight with our toilet paper snow. I teach preschool special ed. and the kids in my classes have focused on this activity for at least 45 minutes. It is a lot of fun!