Fire Safety Games

Crawl Low Under Fire

We have the children practice crawling low on their stomachs in case of a fire. We use a jump rope and a sheet. It works best if you involve the children by letting two of them help the teachers. The sheet and jump rope help the children see the smoke and the jump ropes help the smoke rise and lower. The children then crawl to the door to see if it is hot. They have to stay under the smoke. This is great for gross motor development and safety at home.

Fire Dogs

This is great Math activity, rather than art. First use a half sheet of red construction paper and label at the top: My Dog has ____ spots. Then let the children sponge paint a dog shape used with white paint onto the paper. Then with black paint allow them to dip a q-tip or their finger into the paint and place on the dog. When they are finished have the children count their spots. Be prepared for some dogs to be completely black or only to have one spot! But hey that’s the fun of it!

Here are a few ideas to practice with Fire Safety. *Holding a blanket a the height of your knees, let the children crawl under it to pretend it is smoke. This is a great way to practice evacuating a building that already has smoke. *Practice Stop, Drop, and Roll. *Get the parents to practice with their children evacuation routes out of their homes, and get them to send them into school to discuss with the children. *Practice 911. Three year olds are not to young. One of ours actually used it when he saw the neighbors house on fire!