Fire Safety Art

Make pretend smoke detectors. Take two snack-size paper plates and put one on top of the other. Have the children staple or tape the two plates together and “decorate” them with a red dot or a red sticker. Ask the children to notice the smoke detectors in their classrooms, homes and other buildings. This is a great opportunity to discuss fire safety with the children, and the take-home product is a good reminder for parents to install detectors and to check those batteries!

In our center we made fire trucks with our kids. They each got a box and painted it red ( it was very messy!!!!)we added headlights with shiny paper and small paper plates painted black for wheels we put them together and the kids had fire truck races they had lots of fun!! One of our parented donated the boxes but you can get them from your local supermarket.

Playing with charcoal.

Allow the children to use a charcoal brisket at the art easel. Also crush up some charcoal and place in art center for the children to either glue on or color with. Great for sensory and creativity!

For Fire Safety Week our preschool has a fire truck come out and the children learn about fire prevention and safety issues. Although the truck itself is very exciting, my students love the “fire dog” (Dalmatian) even more! SO, this year I drew a picture (size of a full sheet of paper) of a dog’s face with black marker on a white sheet. I ran off enough copies for each student and asked them to cut out the head. I let them choose whether they wanted to glue it onto red or black paper and they did so. After it was glued on I gave them a cup of black paint and told them to add the SPOTS to our dog’s face to make him look like a Dalmatian. They used their little fingers and had a GREAT time! The result was so adorable! We labeled them “Jane’s Fire Dog!”