Feelings Songs

Traditional song:

“I’ve got that hap-py feel-ing here in my heart, here in my heart, here in my heart.
I’ve got that hap-py feel-ing here in my heart, here in my heart to stay.”
V.2:I’ve got that happy feeling down in my feet, etc.
V.3:I’ve got that happy feeling here in my hands, etc.
V.4:I’ve got that happy feeling all over me, etc. Try corresponding movements with each verse (marching, clapping, etc.)

Sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Now introduce the spider’s neighbors. They include the Happy Little Spider, The Sad Little Spider, Shy, Afraid, Giggly, etc. Sing the words and act out the emotion with your face and voice.

“If your happy and you know it” traditional song For additional verses, change the emotions and actions.

This is a song that I did with my 3 year olds and they loved it when their name was called.
Tears, tears go away.
Come again some other day.
Tears, tears go away (child’s name) wants to play today.

After singing the first round of “If your Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands” Then continue with “If you’re sad and you know it say Boo Hoo” and rub at your eyes as a hand motion. instead of “you surely aught to show it” substitute “…you might want to show it” And then “when your mad (or angry, but the toddlers I know can say the word mad more easily) and you know it say I’m mad” Have them pound a fist into their other hand.

For added effect cut out some circles with facial expressions drawn onto them, glue to Popsicle sticks for handles and hold them up as you sing the corresponding feeling. With time add more feelings to the song such as surprised or sick. As basic as this sounds even my 16 month old is now able to verbally express to me how she feels.