Feelings Games

Paint faces on paper plates

Cut out round faces and tape on Popsicle sticks to make hand puppets

Make chart with things that make us feel good from magazine cutouts/ things that make me feel bad on the other side.

Weave half a paper plate on to the back of the face plate / cutout feeling pictures and put them inside.

Make stamp patterns ABABABAB with happy and sad face stamps stamps.

Draw faces on Bingo Board, Play bingo game with feeling faces.

When discussing feelings in my classroom, each child makes a booklet to take home. To make this booklet, I run off copies of blank face with a caption on the bottom, such as, “I am happy when …” During a small group time, we will discuss things that make the children happy. Then each child will dictate or write whatever they choose to complete the sentence. After this is completed, I hand each child in the small group a mirror and ask them to make a happy face so they can draw it on their page. We continue this process for several days discussing emotions such as angry, sad surprised, etc. The kids (and parents) enjoy reading these books and talking about their feelings!