Father’s Day Songs

DADDY (tune of BINGO)

I love him and he loves me,
And Daddy is his name-o,
And Daddy is his name-O

Happy Father’s Day (to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle little star)

Happy Happy Fathers Day

If you love us say oh Yay

You help us we help you

Guide us through the days long veiw

Happy Happy Fathers Day

If you love us say oh Yay

Tune to (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

Daddy, daddy, daddy-o
Oh, all the love I have to show

Kisses me when my tears fall
Gives me money for the mall

Takes really good care of me
I love you so bad can’t you see

tune from “chestnuts roasting”

fathers sitting on a lounge chair
having fun with his family
when he turns his head
everyone said
we love YOU!!!!!

sometimes times may get rough
but then you can count on us
to kiss you
and hug you!!!


tune of (take me out to the ballgame.)
oh i love my daddy.
and my daddy loves me.
he picks me up and gives me piggy back rides,
we run, jump and play, oh we have a good time.
oh i really love my daddy,
let’s shout three times, hooray,
oh i love, love love my daddy so especially on father’s day!