Father’s Day Snacks

For Father’s Day, we have an ice cream social. It is fun and the fathers enjoy it.

Invite the fathers to school for a root beer float. We set up a station and when the father/uncle/whoever-came to pick the child up from school the child made the adult a root beer float. We made them in class earlier to practice.

For Father’s Day at our YMCA we have our yearly donuts for dad. The fathers bring their children to school and have a donut with them. We send out invites to the dad a week before these are usually construction paper shaped like a donut. Uncles and Grandfathers are also welcome.

For Father’s Day we have an evening Open House. The children are asked to bring their Dad’s to the preschool to play, meet their friends and eat. According to the children “Dads eat foods that smell”! This year we’ll serve sliced meats and cheese with buns. The fathers network, the children play and the teachers clean-up, we all have a GREAT time!

One year we had our Fathers Doughnuts for Dads. We had doughnuts, juice, coffee, etc. It was a blast and super easy!

Show your Dads you care by going all out and have a cookout. We call ours “Dogs for Dads,” we enjoyed hot dogs, chips, cookies, and drinks. The dads really loved it and the children thought it was “so cool” to help prepare the food.

Have a pancake breakfast for all of the fathers in your classroom.

Have a Father’s Day potluck.  Invite the fathers in your classroom to bring a dish of their favorite food to class.  Have each father tell why they brought what they did.  Let the dad’s dig in!!!