Father’s Day Games

This game is to be played at your Father’s Day party. Ask the children what their dad does at work and record their answers on a decorated piece of paper. Place their names on the back of the paper so that they are hidden. Hang these so that the dads can flip the paper over to read the name. During your party ask the Dads to try to identify what they think their child said about them. This can be very funny because, as we all know, kids say the darndest things!

For the last two years, we have invited the dads to participate in a Kooky golf course. It’s the children’s nine-hole miniature golf course they make using boxes, tubes and decorating them with favorite characters. They set up nine holes by using blocks and various toys to outline the holes. We use Styrofoam cups put in the ground for holes. Each child and dad receive one 3-4 ft PVC pipe with an elbow joint and a ping pong ball. They receive a score sheet as well. The rules are that dad must hit the ball then the child then dad then the child…If they give up on a hole it’s 25. The last hole is a bubblegum hole. If they get in the hole in less than ten strokes they get a piece of bubblegum. The best score wins a mini golf play set. Afterward, we have hotdogs, chips, and root beer floats. The dads love the competition and the children enjoy their dads.

Tie Matching

Have the dads in your class donate old ties.  Cut two three inch section off of each tie (save the rest of the ties for a collage). Glue each piece of tie to a large index card or piece of cardboard.  Have the children match the ties together.