Father’s Day Games

Our preschool did a “Tee-Off (or Tee-Time) with Dad” for Father’s Day. Purchase little golf sets from the Dollar Store. You can set up an area of your room as a mini-golf course. Have a few snacks and some root(beer). Dads love this idea!!! Enjoy!!!

Our preschool has a “Dad’s night” every March.  The one “can’t miss” activity is the banana car race.  We supply each father/child team with a banana and other misc. items that they could use to create a car (wooden circles or milk jug lids for wheels, nails, Popsicle sticks, paper, etc, etc.)  They get time to create a car then at the end we lower the legs on one end of a large folding table to make a ramp.  Two at a time, we begin to race!  The dads and kids alike have a blast!!

Played like Duck, Duck, Goose

Instead of saying duck, duck the child says, “not my daddy.”  Then instead of goose, they say, “you’re my daddy.”

This idea may be used some time on Father’s Day. To play this game children must partner up with his/her Father or Grandfather. The Father or Grandfather must try to find some kind of a prize like chocolates or maybe even money. The trick is, the Father or Grandfather must wear a blindfold and the children must direct the father or grandfather to the prize. The first team to find the prize wins… It’s really fun!

This game is best when played outdoors. It is intended to be played during a Father’s Day party. Provide your class with cool-whip “shaving cream” and craft stick “shavers”. Sit the fathers in a row and proceed to have A face shaving race. This is a great photo opportunity as well as loads of fun!

This game should be played during your Father’s Day party. Handprint/ footprint I.D. game: Place the child’s hand/ footprint on a piece of paper and label the top with their name. Then cover up the name with a flap of paper and hang these on the wall. During the party, you ask the father’s to identify their child’s print. Then reveal to everyone whose print is whose. This is harder than it sounds!