Father’s Day Art

-tissue box
-tissue paper or rick and rack
-construction paper cut out in the shape of tools
the children trace and cut out the tools. then on each tool they write a “coupon” for their dad. Like pick of sticks in yard, clean my room, etc. They decorate the tissue boxes however is available and place the tools sticking out. Dad can use the coupons whenever he wants! This idea comes from a similar project involving shampoo bottles and flowers for Mom’s day.

Fold a piece of card in half then cut out a tie shape from paper or fabric. Ask the children to cut out different images from a catalogue of things that they think their dad/uncle might like and then stick them onto the tie, now stick the tie onto the card and ask the child what they would like the message to say inside the card.
(if the children are old enough then they can cut out the tie shape as well)

Make an iron-on tie for dad with iron on pellon and wax crayons. Pre=cut tie shapes for children to decorate. Send instructions to iron on the tie to dad’s white t-shirt on med. heat with a sheet of waxed paper next to drawing then cover with tissue paper before ironing!

Father’s Day Time Capsule

Decorate the outside of a coffee tin with a picture of the child. Aslo write “A Time Capsule for Father’s Day 2001” and frame with child’s artwork.

Inside the “Time Capsule” put the following items.

1)The child’s hand print with a hand print poem on a sheet of paper. (If the lid to your coffee tin is recessed make the hand print out of dough in the lid. This will add to the decrotive outside).

2)The child’s foot print with the poem “Walk A Little Slower Daddy” on a sheet of paper.

3)An “All About Me” sheet so the father can remember special things about his child at this age.

4)An “All About My Daddy” sheet

5)Misc. art work done by the child

6)Pull the mother aside and ask her to either give you some special items to put inside or save them herself and put them in before the child gives the “Time Capsule” to daddy.


Hint: I plan to start this project the Monday before Father’s Day. We will make 1 item a day.

I think this will make a very nice gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Items needed: construction paper, scissors, photo of child, yarn, stick (something that can be used for fishing pole).

Cut out fish shape big enough to fit a child’s picture on it. glue to one side.. on flip side write ” I’m Hooked On You Daddy!! Happy Fathers Day ( the year and date).”