Father’s Day Art

Fathers Day T-Shirts

Need: T-shirt (Dad’s size), Fabric paint

We purchased inexpensive t-shirts and put the kids handprints on them using fabric paint. Using either the paint or fabric brush markers we put a saying on it. For dad it was… Best dad Hands Down and for grandpa’s …. Grandpa’s Angels or Grandpa’s Gang.

We wrote their names under each print.
Great for all ages. You can do the foot prints for the younger kids.

Dad’s Mouse Pad
cut out shapes [Cars, footballs] out of felt and foam.
have kids color or paint on the felt
cover with mac-tac [the sticky clear stuff] On the back write child’s name & date.

dip child’s finger in ink and roll on to cardboard (may need to take several prints to get a good one) cut around two of the prints small squares work well stick these squares together so there is a print on each side. write the child’s name on one side (under the print) and the year on the other.

laminate (leaving space round the edge and then punch a hole in the top try go through laminate only as this keeps it water proof add a key ring and u have a great! i had a great response from dads when we made this for fathers day.

Buy “Shrinkles” paper from the craft store or teaching supply store. Photocopy a picture of a car or truck onto the paper or have the children draw a car or truck. Then have the children color their picture and write a message for their dad. Then hole punch a corner, place on a cookie sheet and place in the oven at 350C for 5 mins. When cool, the car has turned into hard plastic and the teacher can put a key ring through the hole. PRESTO a special key chain for dad ! It goes where ever he goes, it’s great.

Fill a small jar with goldfish crackers. Have the children podge a small note to the outside that reads: I’m hooked on you, Dad! Have them decorate the jar with small fish stickers. Glue a (fishing rod) small popsicle stick with a colorful piece of yarn to the side of the jar.