Father’s Day Art

I wanted to do something special with my 18-month-old twins so I went to a local hobby store and bought matted canvas blocks and had them paint with acrylic paint (which is washable) whatever they wanted, then put their names and date on the back…we ended up with a great, very colorful “original painted work of art” to be treasured for years to come

Materials: scrap fabric, construction paper, washable tempera paint, two year oldsand access to a copy machine

WARNING This is a multiple day task! We did it in 3 days with doing teacher work at home!

But, it turned out soooo cute!

First, cut out scraps of fabric in pieces of a tie; one triangle, one circle, and on long diamond for each child.

Then, with your color scheme, find 3 shades of construction paper, one base shade, one for the background of the tie and another for the poem. (I’ll explain more…)

Copy this poem:

Dear Dad,
I wanted to get you something extra special for Father’s Day this year. Just any old tie wouldn’t work; so, I decided to make one for you instead! You can’t wear it, but every time you look at it, you’ll remember how much I love you.

Hot glue the pieces of fabric together in the shape of a tie, the children can help if you have enough time…

Hot glue the tie to the background color.

Have the child make handprints on the base color and let dry.

Glue the base color and the tie background color and the poem together… laminate if you like…

And you are done! Trust me it’s adorable and all the Dads loved it!

You’ll need:
construction paper
paint or a stamp pad and watercolor
hole puncher

First you need place a footprint of your preschooler on the construction paper, then cut around it a much larger shoe but make it to where the footprint would be on the inside of the card The card will be in the shape of the shoe On the front side punch out 3 pairs of hole (like shoe laces) then lace it up like a tennis shoe.
On the inside on the left part of the card write this poem:
Here is my little footprint
One day it will fit your shoe
I watch what you are doing
Because Daddy I want to be like you.

For Father’s Day last my two-year-olds made trophies. The kids made balls of masking tape, when they were through they rolled them in black paint. This made them look like bowling balls. For the pin They painted empty drinkable yogurt containers around the top with red paint. When they were done they glued them to a precut piece of cardboard, and I attached a card that said “Dad you bowl me over.”

My husband often takes pictures of the children to work, but has no where specifically to put them so they are leaned against the window, shoved into the corner of an existing picture frame etc. This year I bought magnetic 4×6 picture frames (they cost approximately $1 for each frame) for him to put on his white board that doesn’t get used. I’ll include a few recent pictures of him and the kids in the gift, but once he takes new pictures to work, he can bring the old ones home.