Father’s Day Art

Give each child a big piece of clay that will harden without being cooked, and from the hardware store get a big bag of screws, nuts and bolts and have the children add them to their clay! Once these harden they make wonderful paperweights! Easy and the children really enjoy working on this project. They usually don’t want to give them away!

One year I had the parents in my preschool class bring in a white t-shirt that will fit Dad/Grandpa etc and each child picked a color for their shirts be. We then took small sections of the shirt twisted and/or knotted them in several different areas fastening each with an elastic. Once you are done this add the shirt to the children’s choice of colored dye (food coloring does NOT work). They end up being really neat tie-dye shirts! To complete the project we design and decorate a card in the shape of a necktie and pin it to the neck. These have been a huge hit every time we have done them. You will even see several Fathers wearing them, sometimes even Moms!

This is a neat idea that I have used for the past couple of years. I get painters hats from a paint store like Sherwin Williams (they’re free if you ask). I then allow the children to paint on them with various colors of fabric paint. For little ones, I do handprints as well. The dads love them and wear them all year round.

Use pieces of bark and glue on alphabet letters to create the student’s name. This is a fun and easy project. The student can also do the same thing with their last name and give to parents as a mother/father’s day gift.

Option- Glue on dried wildflowers or items from nature.

For Father’s Day, make a calendar, and each month, have the child make a different art project. The art could go along with the month, or it could just be a simple finger painting.