Father’s Day Art

I Love You To Pieces Frame For Dad

Give each child a 5×7 fun foam frame (you can purchase these at any hobby store or Wal-Mart craft section).
Let the children glue puzzle pieces all around the frame. This is a great way to recycle those puzzles that are missing pieces.
Take a picture of each child and glue them into the frames.
At the bottom of the frame, glue on a pre-printed piece of paper that says “I Love You To Pieces.”
These took a lot of work on my part but were really loved by the fathers.

I cut out large “ties” from heavy paper and the children colored them with markers and crayons.

I brushed paint on the palm of each child’s hand and had them make a print on plain white paper.

I cut the print out.

I had the kids paste that on the tie.

Cover the whole thing w/clear contact paper.

Cut out a long strip of paper and cover that w/clear contact paper (the neckband).

Place a Velcro circle set on the two ends.

Staple the tie to the strap.

Takes about a week to put together.

Materials Needed: Painters Hats,
Fabric Markers, Fabric Paint
Preschoolers can decorate painters hats.
Teacher can print number #1 Dad on the front of the hat.

Father’s Day Puzzle

There are two ways you can do this. One way is to take a picture of your child and have it blown up or printed on cardstock paper. Leave a little room for the child to decorate around their picture. With this you draw with a pencil a jigsaw pattern. Cut out the pattern and have each piece laminated. You can buy boxes for the children to decorate to put their puzzle pieces at http://www.orientaltrading.com/ or place pieces in a large envelope. This puzzle can now be done during your father’s day party.

Or the other version is to just not use the child’s picture and just have the child color a picture for dad and turn it into a puzzle.

For a Father’s day gift, I painted my preschooler’s hands and stamped them onto a sheet of paper. After it dried I cut the hand out attached a little saying; Daddy put all your money into my little hand. I’ll hold it tight, with all my might. Until a new toy comes into sight.
then I laminated it. I was told it was a big hit.

Dynamite Dad

Cardboard cylinder from Paper towel roll

Decorate cylinder with red and blue paper, gold stars, TNT lettering, etc.
Stuff insides with colored tissue paper and gum, breath mints, candy, other small treats Cover top with aluminum foil, create wick with pipe cleaner Make label “My Dynamite Dad”