Father’s Day Art

Last year for father’s Day we made a very inexpensive gift and the dad’s just loved it!! We bought everyday Mugs and puff painted hand prints on them. Wrote the child’s name and year on the mug. Then cut out a heart that said “A Mug and a Kiss for you. We filled the mugs up with kisses …a great idea.

We ask the parents to bring in a daddy-size, clean, white shirt. The children create a picture or design on a piece of white paper using fabric crayons (found at any craft store or even, Wal-mart). I, then write “Happy Father’s Day, love, child’s name, and the date” BACKWARDS!!! Then we put the picture onto the shirt and iron the design onto the shirt. Use a low heat setting on the iron. It may sound complicated because it is hard to explain, but it is very easy to do. Sorry if I have totally confused you! Just buy the crayons and read the back of the box!!! Good Luck!

This is to make neck ties for fathers. Even the youngest toddler can do this. Make a pattern for a necktie out of cardboard. Cut it out and then use it as your pattern. Using a solid color felt cut out the neckties. Attach a pin to the top to pin on. Let the children decorate with fabric paint or glue on items such as buttons. Invite your fathers to lunch with the children and present them the ties to wear at the lunch.

I treasured my “portrait” done by my kids on a large heavy duty paper. We took that same idea and made Daddy pictures at home. Its a cute keepsake and a fun look at yourself!

We did the watered down glue with tissue paper on a small glass bottle (or a baby food jar would work well) and decorated it with jewels and sequins. Then we filled it with Hershey’s Hugs & Kisses and attached the following poem: When I am at school

Or when we’re far apart,

You may get a little sad,

But you’re always in my heart.

So here are some Hugs and Kisses For when I am away,

To remember that I love you

Each and every day.