Father’s Day Art

#1 Dad Trophy Cards. Photocopy picture of a trophy. Glue picture onto folded construction paper to make a card. Cut around the trophy so that some of the construction paper shows. Allow children to color picture and put gold glitter on it. Either inside or on cover write #1 Dad.

Father’s Day Ties. This activity can be used for even the youngest child to give to Daddy. Purchase solid colored ties at a dollar store or other “cheap” store. I use the Dollar General. Using Fabric paints, have the child cover the tie with handprints. (Help smaller babies and toddlers with this). Then after cleaning hands, using the fabric paint markers, write, “Mary’s Daddy” along with the date. This can also be done on T-shirts, ball caps, socks or other items.

For Fathers Day we the metal lids from frozen juice cans. Then we took a picture of the child and cut it to fit on the lid. To decorate we put rick rack around them. After they were dry we put a magnetic strip on the back. It made a great refrigerator magnet, my husband put our daughters on his tool box at work.

cut a neck tie shape out of a heavy construction paper. Have children decorate with paints, crayons or markers. Laminate once decorated. Cut a quarter size hole where a tie clip might go and insert a picture of the child as the tie clip. Add the child’s name and date on the backside. Attached magnets securely. Great gift that lasts for years and may be displayed at work, on the frig, even inside a medicine cabinet, anywhere.

Materials: Shaving creme, mirrors & camera

Have children spread shaving creme on their face. They can look in the mirror during or after. (It’s okay if it gets in their hair or other places.) Then take each child’s picture one at a time. After getting pictures developed, you can either make a frame or put it inside a hand-made card for Dad. Write a cute saying like: “Just like my Daddy” or “Daddy’s little buddy”.