Father’s Day Art

First go to your local dollar store and purchase mats for frames sized 4×6 or 5×7 then let the children glue puzzle pieces onto the frame. When dried teachers spray with spray paint any color. Then tape the child’s picture onto the back and add the caption I love my dad to pieces on the front. next take magnetic tape and add to the back to make a magnet.

Father’s Day card. Get a large piece of poster board. Fold in half. Have child do foot print (right foot on left and left foot on right). Now draw a line down the center and two lines (dot) and you have a butterfly.

You can also do hand and say “Hands down – best DAD”

Have the parents send in a daddy size t-shirt. Paint the children’s hands with puffy paint and have them make hand prints all over the shirt. When done write “I can’t keep my hands off my Dad” Fathers love it.

I found this at a friends house: this poem printed at the bottom of a piece of paper –

Here are my hands one red, one blue
And a special kiss because I love you!

Children put their hand prints in the middle of the page along with their name. date can be added e.g. Fathers Day 2000, and name of your center.

Father’s Day T-shirts

Materials: Daddy size white T-shirt, Fabric paint, puff paint, and your child’s footprints

On the left side of the shirt or on the pocket you will write with puff paint, My child (kids) walk(s) all over me. Then in different color fabric paint, paint your child’s footprint and put it all over the shirt going in different directions.