Father’s Day Art

We did this last year at my preschool… Get a long stick from a tree, attach a long string with a fish from construction paper at the end. On the fish write.. “I’m hooked on you Daddy!!” The children can dress up their fish with googily eyes, or beads. We even put their pictures on them. The dads loved them!!!

Crazy Tie Decorating The kids can decorate one of dad’s most craziest tie depicting his favorite hobby. Example: Fishing -use fishing gear.

We made air fresheners for our fathers. We cut out felt and sprayed it with cologne. We then glued the flannel to a pre-cut out construction paper pattern and added a string. On the top we glued the same pre-cut pattern and let dry. I placed them in a zip lock bag with the child’s name on it. The children love to give this gift because it smells great.

Materials Needed…. T-shirt, tempra paint, paint marker

This is a very cute father’s day gift. Turn the shirt over to the back side, in the middle of the shirt have the child put his/her handprint. After the paint dries, above the handprint write with the paint marker…”My Dad deserves a pat on the back.” Put the child’s name and date below the hand print! Cute Father’s Day gift!!!

Garden Stones-need marbles, old jewelry, broken dishes into small pieces, Hot Wheel cars, old coins domino playing pieces, seashells of any kind. You will also need a bag of Quick Crete sold at Home Depot and old buckets to mix it in. Once the mix is ready then you will pour it into a box about 11×16 or a12x12 about1and1half inches full will you might have to cut the boxes down so the children can place their objects in the mix. Once all items are in let dry for about 2 days then peel off the box and place in your garden.