Father’s Day Art

Father’s Day Mats you can get mats from carpet companies, Free. children dip feet in paint, walk across mat, then sponge paint letters DAD. looks great. you will need extra helpers on this day.

Someone donated clean, empty paint cans to our program. We used “apple barrel” paint to put hand prints on them, then wrote MY DAD CAN FIX ANYTHING on them. We filled them with paintbrushes , hammers, nails from the dollar store.

Add powder tempera paint to a little bit of shaving cream and then let children draw pictures with their fingers for their father for Father’s Day. After drawing, each work of art should be allowed to dry over night. It’s great fun and it smells great too!

Cut out a tie shape from felt or fabric. Have the child make a fist and pant the under side of the hand with fabric paint and then paint the fingertips to make a footprint do each hand opposite each other. Then write with a fabric pen ” I want to follow in your footsteps daddy” At the bottom write the child’s name and date.

Father’s Day Pennants for the Dads who are, and even those who aren’t, sports fans: Buy any color craft foam at a craft store. Cut out a “pennant” shape (about 8 1/2 x 11″ size). Cut a hole for a picture, slightly smaller than the size of the picture. Let the children decorate the pennant by gluing on small collage items (buttons, macaroni, beads, etc.) or use something like fabric paint if you wish. When dry, glue child’s picture to the back and cover with construction paper the color of the pennant if you don’t want the picture back to show. On the front, write with marker or pen, “I’m your biggest fan” or something similar. The child can sign his/her name if they are able to and if they left enough room! Then, insert 1 colored drinking straw into another drinking straw (to be the stick that holds the pennant up so you can “wave” it) and hot glue the “stick” (straws) to the back of the pennant. Please e-mail me if you have any questions!