Father’s Day Art

Materials needed: plain unflavored yogurt, food coloring

We wanted the baby’s at the day care to do something for there daddy’s so we got yogurt and colored it with different colored food coloring. We let them finger paint on a paper then we wrote the child name and age on the bottom. Depending on the child we wrote happy first or second fathers day. The best part is if they eat it it’s ok. it’s a kind of messy clean up but well worth it!

A Father’s Day Gift. We go out to our sand box. The children take off one shoe and sock. They make a foot print in the sand. (moisten sand if it is too dry, with a spray bottle) Mix up some faster plaster or plaster of Paris and pour into the foot print. You can tint the the plaster pink or blue it you like. It takes about 1/2 hour to harden. remove from the sand and let it dry overnight. Rub off the sand with a paper towel or soft paint brush. The children can then paint it and give their Dads a great paper weight for Father’s Day. It becomes a real treasure when they are grown!

On Father’s Day last year, the children in my class decorated large-sized cookies (made by the teachers of course!) with frosting, M&Ms, and other cookie decorations. They loved making it (and eating the art) and it was greatly appreciated by the dads, uncles, and “special friends” in their lives.

My preschool class is making change holders for their Dad’s for Father’s Day. I purchased packages of plastic ashtrays at “The Dollar Store” (3 ashtrays to a package), tile grout, and a box of washers, bolts, nuts and screws (at Wal-Mart). The children will spread the tile grout around the outer edge of the ashtrays. (You could also use empty tuna fish cans or other containers.) Next, they will select the various hardware items and press into the grout. (Use close supervision to make sure the children do not put the pieces in their mouth!) Let dry overnight. When completely dry, they can be decorated with glitter glue to jazz them up with color. I wrote the following poem to go along with the gift:

I made this little gift for you I made it by myself
It’s for you to keep your change in
And sit upon a shelf
You’re the very best daddy
That there could ever be
And one thing that will never “change”
Is how special you are to me.
Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

Have each child sign their own name, if they can.

Decorate a baby food jar with tissue paper and watered down glue fill with Hershey kisses and hugs, and attach this poem….

When I am at school, or when we are far apart,
You may get a little sad, But you are always in my heart.
So here are some hugs and kisses for when I am away,
To remember that I love you,
Each and every day.