Father’s Day Art

Father’s Day Card – “MY GREAT DAD” Ask your child the following questions and record their answers. Perfect with preschool age children as they are old enough to understand the question but still young enough to give you some priceless answers.

My daddy is years old.
He weighs lbs. and is ft. tall.
His hair is and his eyes are .
My dad loves to relax by and he likes to wear .
He loves to cook .
His favorite household chore is .
His favorite TV show is and his favorite song is .
Daddy always tells me .
It makes him happy when .
When my dad shops, he loves to buy .
If he could go on a trip, he would go to and he would take .
I really love it when my dad .

He’s the best! I love you Dad!

In working on a Father’s Day card with my “just-turned-three” year-old, I wanted to come up with something easy yet just a little bit different. So we did the standard construction paper one-fold card, then made a handprint in poster paint on a white sheet of paper. We cut it out, pasted it to the front of the card, then glued a piece of knotted yarn to one finger. Inside, I printed, “Who could forget a Daddy like you on Father’s Day”? This could easily be adapted for Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, etc.

I ALWAYS make my father’s day crafts. For Fathers Day this year I picked out my Dad’s favorite activity (playing piano) and drew him playing it in “Picasso style.” This activity can help youngsters learn about famous artists and let them experiment with different angles and shapes!

Just like Daddy Frames:

*1″cardboard matting frames from the dollar store *a suit coat, dress shoes & tie *film & camera *finger-paints *self adhesive magnetic strip

Have the kids each dress up in the outfit and take their pictures in advance. Allow each child to paint the matting frame and sprinkle with some fine glitter for an extra cool effect. Gently glue the picture to the back of the frame when finished. Add a strip of self adhesive magnet to the back top edge of the frame!

Last year for Father’s Day my Pre-K class made cards. We provided them with tracers of various tools: hammer, screwdriver, saw, and ruler. They traced, cut out and glued their tools to a sheet of paper with the message: I could not have built a better daddy! The dads LOVED this!