Father’s Day Art

For Father’s Day , we made frames for our dads. One we took the child’s picture with a stuffed dinosaur and we sponge painted the frame with dinosaur shapes and it read ” You are a “Dino”mite Dad!! and the second frame we dressed up the children in fishing gear (life jacket, fishing hat and had them hold a fishing pole) and then we took their picture and wrote “I never have to fish for your love, Dad!” and then I made a fish out of fun foam and then got some real fishing line and glued it so it looks like the child caught the fish!! The dads loved them both!!

We had the children cut out a head shape from poster board. Then each child was given paper to draw glasses, mustache, eye color, mouth, nose and hair. We then glued it onto the dad head cutout and made our very fabulous dads.

My first grade students created a mini first aid kit for their dads. We decorated a small Pringles can with a paper that included the poem ‘For your bike, your boat or your car. So you will be MY hero, wherever you are!’ Inside we put a pair of latex gloves, 1 darning needle on a paper labeled ‘for slivers’, 2 antibiotic ointment sleeves, 2 cough drops, 2 emery boards (1 cut in 2 halves), 3 gauze pads, 4 safety pins, 5 cotton balls, 6 Band-Aids, etc. Great counting lesson as well!

Materials you need: ~heavy construction paper or poster board ~old magazines ~scissors ~glue

First, cut out a bunch of pictures from the magazines that describe the dad or have to do with some hobbies he enjoys. Then, glue them on to the paper making a collage of magazine cutouts. Then cut it out in the shape of a tie. The dad’s loved it!