Father’s Day Art

Buy small size terra cotta flower pots at any craft store (pretty cheap), have children paint any color or design. Then buy bendable wire to hot glue (teacher, of course) inside flower pot. Take Children’s pictures in different poses and glue/tape to wire that is sticking out of flower pot. Dad has a bouquet of priceless pictures! I did this with my pre- schoolers! Dads loved it!

This year my preschoolers will take your everyday frozen juice cans and glue all types of pasta shells on with tacky glue. They’ll choose either gold or silver spray paint and I’ll spray the can for them. These make great pencil/pen holders for his desk.

Cut out the shape of a hand saw using constructions paper, wood, or any material you wish. Print “You’re the best Dad I ever SAW!” Add a picture or hand print. Great gift!!!

We make Weather Rocks suitable for a rock theme or for Father’s Day. Have each child find and wash a good sized rock, preferably a little flat and the size of a small to medium potato. Cut many (20) lengths of yarn in the color of your choice. Tie the yarn at the halfway point with another piece of yarn to make a hanger at the top. Divide the yarn into three sections and braid about halfway down. Insert the rock and continue to tightly braid leaving just enough for a fringe at the bottom. You can tie the yarn just above and below the rock to make it more secure. We had the children print and laminate the following verse to attach to the Weather Rock.

You are now the proud owner of a Weather Rock. Please hang outside on a nail.

If your rock is wet it is raining. If your rock is moving it is windy. If your rock is warm it is sunny. If your rock is white it is snowing. If your rock is gone you’ve been ripped off!

Cut some brown construction paper in rectangles. Punch holes in one long side and two short sides of the two pieces. Let children lace the two pieces together. They can decorate it. This makes a great wallet for dad.