Father’s Day Art

Cut out letters from poster board to spell each child’s first name.
Let the children glue wood shavings or bark onto each letter.
Glue the decorated name to a colored piece of poster board or very thick paper.
This is a great gift for dad!

For Father’s Day, I took some thick, heavy paper, and taped up the corners to make a shallow box. I poured plaster of Paris into the box and pressed the child’s hands into the plaster. I took a sharp object, (knitting needle, pencil tip, etc) and wrote this poem into the bottom:

“Here is my hand so tiny and small
To hang somewhere upon a wall
To watch as the years go flying by
How we grew my hand and I.”

I also wrote happy father’s day and pressed a hole into the top. When the plaster dried, I highlighted the words with paint and ripped the box off of the plaster. Inserted string into the hole at the top and had a hanging plaque!

Memorable Coasters


old unwanted CDs

sheet/s of white fun foam


permanent marker

white craft glue

Trace around CD and pre-cut circles from a sheet of fun foam for each coaster.
Pour the desired color of acrylic paint into the tray that is large enough for child to stick their hand in.
Have child make a handprint onto the fun foam circle and let dry overnight.
Glue fun foam circle with the hand print facing up onto CD (if one side of CD has a design or writing that would be the side to glue it on.)
Let dry.
On shiny side of CD, with permanent marker, write a Father’s Day message for the child including child’s name and the date.

Now, Dad has a place to set his coffee mug (CD side up) that is of sentimental value.

Fill a small jar with goldfish crackers. Have the children glue a small note to the outside of the jar that reads: I’m hooked on you, Dad! Glue a (fishing rod) small Popsicle stick with a colorful piece of yarn to the side of the jar.