Farm Songs

Play the game “In and Out of the Barn” (sung to The Farmer in the Dell) Have a child hold hands with you and raise your arms to form a barn. Have the children walk under your arms while your singing about the animals going out of the barn. When you start to sing about a particular animal staying in the barn put your arms down to capture the child and softly push the child back and forth while singing. (Like London Bridges)

The ducks go out of the barn
The ducks go out of the barn
High Ho the Derry O
The ducks go out of the barn

A duck stays in the barn
A duck stays in the barn
High Ho the Derry O
A duck stays in the barn

Replace duck with other barn yard animals and continue to sing.

Sung to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat.

Milk, Milk, Milk your cow while sitting on the stool.
Pulling, squirting, pulling, squirting till the buckets full.

The Animals on the Farm (Sung to the tune of Farmer in the Dell)

The Animals on the farm The Animals on the farm, Heigh Ho the Dairy Oh The Animals on the farm.
The chicken lays her eggs, The chicken lays her eggs Heigh Ho the Dairy Oh The chicken lays her eggs.

Other Verses:
The pig rolls in the Mud The horse clip clops his hooves The duck swims in the water The cow gives her milk

I just made this song up with different motions to go with it. Have Fun!

Make a set of farm animals, 1 adult and 1 child for each animal. Pick up the cow and the calf. Sing to the tune of Muffin Man,

“Mother cow calls baby calf,
moo, moo, moo, moo, moo, moo.
Baby calf calls back to her,
Moo, moo, moo, moo, moo.”

Repeat using other farm mothers and their babies.

“Barnyard Dance” Act out this poem while someone reads it to you. The barnyard dance is about to begin, So hitch up your pants and jump right in! Pick the apples! Husk the corn! Crow with the rooster in the early morn! Bow to your partner! Wave hello! Clap your hands and tap your toe! Feed the chickens! Milk the cow! Hoe the weeds and push the plow! The barnyard dance has come to an end, So kick up your heels and start again!