Farm Snacks

Making Butter

Items Needed:
Clean Baby food Jar
Whipping Cream
Saltine Crackers

Fill a baby food jar 1/4 full with whipping cream and have children shake and dance around (we have gone on a “shake walk”) for about 10-15 minutes. The whipping cream will harden into a small ball. Less active children may have watery butter, just drain and spread on saltine crackers.

You can have a tasting test during snack. You can try different kinds of milk. Cow milk, goat milk, chocolate milk and buttermilk are some suggestions; but anything that you can think of will be fine. Also, you can do the same with cheeses. Cheddar, swiss,, cottage cheese, colby cheese are some suggestions. Have Fun! 🙂

For a Farm Theme Snack or for the Cooking day that theme week. We made piggies in a blanket. We cut a hot dog in half and then let each child flatten a canned biscuit and then roll it around their hot dog. Some of the children liked to dip their piggies in a blanket in some mustard….

After we read The Carrot Seed, we made carrot salad. Using a plastic grater, I let each child take turns grating the carrot (might want to have more grated before hand) Let each child add raisins and mayo, stir, and enjoy.

When I make butter with the children, I use the small rubbermaid containers, and if you add a marble to the container, the process is very quick.

We had chocolate pudding on Pig Day for pig slop. We explained how farmers will feed the pigs a mixture of leftover foods. They call it slop. We let them mix various things into their pudding, examples are chopped nuts, raisins, cereal, chopped bananas and apples, candy sprinkles, M&Ms etc. At first the kids thought we had lost our minds, but they finally really got into it. We had lots of pig grunting going on!